Our participation in Sunday's schools in the Metropolis of Rhodes brought us in a very close contact with Orthodoxy, traditions and customs, let alone the everyday church's functional life. Throughout time, our spiritual maturity led us to the need to conserve and instill orthodox cultural heritage. The production of holy bread and incense couldn't be absence from the endeavor since in conjunction with candle, they represent the ultimate offer to God.
The conventional production of handmade incense was quite demanding as a process, since a lot of research and time had to be invested. With the blessings of the Very Reverend Father Kirilos, we started our efforts from "Holy Mountain", known as Agion Oros in Greek, taking into consideration each and every person involved. We recorded methods and all raw material that would lead us to the right conclusion, namely the production of an exceptional mixture of incense as the one that comes from Athona's valley along with the Holy Father's prayers.


Incense is the base for the production of the aforementioned mixture. The word incense comes from the Arabian term "Lubban" which means milk and the tears of the incense on the tree look like drops of milk. We have searched and found natural incense in a the form of tree tears. The incense trees can be found in deserted land of Arabia, Somalia, Ethiopia and West Indies. The best quality of the 'incense tears' can be found in West Oman and Yemeni and it's worth mentioning that research has revealed the benefits and the therapeutic effects of these milk like tears since not only residents but also and the gazelles can be cured.

This mixture comes from the blending of natural incense which we trim it to become dust and then we knead with the finest aromatic ingredients in certain proportion and we roll it and cut it in small pieces, we spread it, and dry it carefully with reverence.

According to the Holy Bible incense is recorded as a 'magical present', because Ethiopia's King Balthazar, one of the Three Wise Men, offered it to new born Christ as a present.

Please kindly accept our invitation to taste our hand made blessed incense product so that you would pray with its 'divine present' aroma, and choose between a beutiful collection of aromas.